Dad n. – 1. father, guardian, protector, carer, friend. 2. teacher, mentor, coach, listener. 3. taxi, bank, yard man 4. best dad a kid could ask for.

Yesterday, my Dad turned a number he would probably rather I not mention for the world to see. Growing up, birthdays are just a fun day where you get to eat too many slices of cake. Now that I’m a little older, I realize birthdays aren’t just about the cake. They are a celebration. A celebration of life.

This year isn’t just another year I went and bought Dad some fishing gear (don’t worry Dad, I did that too). But a year I am thankful to have such a wonderful father in my life. Another year I am thankful God allowed me to have him around. Not everyone gets that.

Dad and I lived in a trailer out in the country for a while. Just me and him. He would cook me egg sandwiches and turkey bacon for dinner. He would play with me outside in a refrigerator box (don’t lie, y’all know this is the best). We lived a simple life. But it was all we needed. Those were some of the best years and fondest memories I keep.

Not matter what we do- whether it be sitting down and catching up on Scandal together, getting up to fish the Alabama River at 4 a.m., or sitting in a too small tree stand telling each other to sit still- we always have fun.

He is loving and kind. He listens, suggests and defends. He’s always been proud of my triumphs and patient and strong when things went wrong. Every year that passes, I’m even more glad that he is my Dad.

This post is a little short. But simple and to the point.

Happy Birthday, Dad!




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